Tee One Topics

Bill Coburn has written an absolute treasure trove of history in relation to the T1's and, the Silver Shadows - cars that by far, outnumber any other models of the marque. Car information starts from the MKV onwards.

Newsletters are published monthly and will be added here once I get hold of them. The company at the time, Rolls-Royce, were somewhat reluctant to impart technical information to non-dealers and owners alike and not withstanding that, the technical information available when all our cars were 'young', bears no relation to the cars now, cars that are a little longer in the tooth and showing as much wear as their owners! New problems arise by the day.

Bill's knowledge, and that of his colleagues, is freely imparted in each of these newsletters for your benefit.

The newsletters are displayed in a .PDF format that may be viewed on-line or downloaded to your PC.